Kait in Context

I am most fascinated and inspired by love; The numerous ways it can show up and be expressed. I am constantly seeking to help people embrace the environments that make them feel most creative, motivated, heard, empowered and alive. My job is to recognize and encourage this connection in every situation, relationship or individual and celebrate it through photographs and visual storytelling. 

Love is present everywhere, from milestones to the everyday, more subtle moments in between. It might be an engagement, wedding or anniversary, a celebration of your body or a personal accomplishment. 

 Maybe it's art you bring to life with your hands, a vocation you lose yourself in, a passion you're building into a business, or an expression of self-confidence. Wherever you find love, my goal for any shoot is to balance candid moments in a collaborative and thoughtful approach that allows you to get the most out of your session. I create a safe environment where you can feel free to open yourself up to the creative process. I believe sense of humor is an essential ingredient, and I encourage you to laugh and have fun. I want you to have beautiful images to share or keep for yourself to adore. More importantly, I want you to walk out of the session with a newfound understanding of self-love. 

Photography is always a collaboration. Reach out and let's create your vision together!